Episode 6 – New C.O.O, Company Merger, Sponsoring The London Collective and MORE!

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Empire Unwrapped Episode 6: Merging for Growth and Structural Revelations

Welcome back to another captivating instalment of Empire Unwrapped! We’re thrilled to be back after what feels like forever. Our last episode in February marked the biggest start to a year in terms of deal volume, but the wait is over. We have some incredible news to share in the May edition of Empire Unwrapped!

Merger with Empire Capital Solutions

First up, the biggest news of the month – and perhaps so far this year – our merger with Empire Capital Solutions. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in our journey. By joining forces, we amplify our commitment to global expansion and enhanced client service. Empire Global Finance has always specialised in providing bespoke financial solutions across various sectors, and now, with Empire Capital Solutions, we’re stronger than ever.

We’re thrilled to unite with Empire Capital Solutions, sharing a dedication to excellence and client-centric values. Together, we’ll leverage our strengths to drive sustainable growth and better serve our clients. Graham Chaston, the former CEO of Empire Capital Solutions, expressed his excitement by saying:

“Joining the Empire Global Finance family presents an incredible opportunity to expand our reach and deliver even greater value to clients.”

Leadership Changes and Structural Adjustments

Another major change within our leadership is Martin Johnson’s transition into the role of Chief Operating Officer. With over 35 years of financial experience, Martin will oversee all business operations at our Chester headquarters. Meanwhile, whilst Matt Davies will move into a more hands-off role as CEO, focusing on our company’s business development ventures.

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary and our recent expansion to Dubai, these changes mark a significant stride in our journey of growth and excellence. With a strong leadership team led by Matt Davies as CEO, Martin Johnson as COO, and Graham Chaston as Managing Director in London, we’re poised for continued success.

Sponsoring and Attending Prestigious Events

Moving on to some exciting events we’ve been a part of recently, Empire Global Finance had the pleasure of sponsoring the launch event for The London Collective at the wonderful Marylebone Hotel. It was an evening filled with fantastic networking opportunities and engaging discussions with fellow CEOs and business owners. Our Head of Marketing, Nick Uzarewicz, and CEO, Matt Davies, represented our company during this delightful event. We would like to extend our gratitude to Jeri Williams and Khadija Kalifa for their fantastic hospitality.

We also had the privilege of attending the Arab Bankers Association Annual Eid Dinner last month. It was an incredible evening, honoured by the presence of His Excellencies Mr. Sherif Kamel, the Ambassador of Egypt, and Mr. Bader Mohammad Alawadi, the Ambassador of Kuwait. Our Head of Sports and Private Clients, Mark Rogers, and Head of Marketing, Nick Uzarewicz, represented us at the event, with Nick also serving as a photographer. We enjoyed wonderful Lebanese cuisine and the exceptional company of our friend, Lornham’s Dominic Wertheimer. Special thanks to Mr. Gabby Fadel, the CEO of the Arab Bankers Association, for his kind words towards Empire Global Finance during his speech.

Wrapping Up

Empire Global Finance has never been stronger, and it’s all thanks to the dedication of our team and your unbelievable support. Thank you to our lenders, partners and introducers for working with us, supporting us, and building fantastic relationships that blossom into moments like these. Big things are coming. Not bad for a company that started in a small, one-man room. See you in the next episode of Empire Unwrapped!