Sports Finance

Expertly Tailored Sports Finance

Sports stars can earn inordinate sums of money during their sporting careers, but once their careers end, and income starts to dwindle, they find they are not financially equipped for the rest of their life. Empire Global Finance’s Sports division understand this and working in conjunction with our sports ambassador Danny Fox, can plan for life after sport whilst they excel in their chosen discipline.

Empire Global Finance’s Sports Division can also aide sporting organisations to access funding. Our experienced team can leverage against future media rights deals, contracts and current assets (including stadiums and arenas) in order to gain finance for our clients. Speak to our Specialist Sports Finance Team to discover more.

What We Offer

Stadium/Training Facilities Finance

It is possible to extract equity out of your sporting clubs stadium much in the same way that a house or other property can have equity extracted from it. Leveraging the equity within your clubs stadium or other assets (training facilities, team venues etc) is a viable way to access large sums of money for expansion or cash flow requirements. As well as refinancing stadiums/training facilities, obtaining finance to purchase or build new premises. Sporting Clubs can access finance to purchase property, purchase land, refinance existing property or inject the recently acquired funds back into the club to facilitate growth. This can be done through a through grant aid for non NLS clubs or The Premier League Stadium Fund which provides grants to all league and non-league clubs to build or upgrade stadiums.

Player Transfer/Receivables Finance

If your sports club is due cash from transfer fees that have not being paid, or the money coming in annual instalments, then Empire Global Finance can leverage the future income your club will receive from these transfers, into real money that can be used for all sporting activities. Utilising Player Transfer/Receivables Finance can sporting clubs access to funds that wouldn’t be available for another 2-3 years.

Working Capital

As shown by clubs such as Barcelona, a large variety of sporting activities can be financed or sold and as a result of this, funding can be obtained against these activities. Whether they be media rights deals, tv rights or sponsorship deals, if there is a value and certified legal document, then funding can be sourced. This can be used to gain access to funding quickly, fix short term cash flow issues or fund acquisitions.