Case Study

Purchase of a Luxury Spa in Surrey for a Saudi National

Key Details:

In a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of global finance and cross-border investment, Empire Global Finance have orchestrated a complex Loan arrangement for a distinguished Saudi national client. This transaction showcases our prowess in providing bespoke financial solutions and our commitment to facilitating seamless international transactions.

The focal point of this deal is a palatial luxury spa nestled in the heart of Surrey; its value surpassing £3,000,000. Guided by a strategic vision to diversify and solidify investment portfolios, the Saudi national embarked on a journey to acquire a slice of British luxury real estate.

Empire Global Finance recognised the potential of our client’s endeavour and set the wheels in motion, harnessing our expertise to organise a solution. Leveraging a wealth of experience in tailoring financial products that span the globe, the institution successfully secured a £1,800,000 Murabaha facility, an Islamic finance arrangement, at an advantageous rate of 2.50% over the Bank of England’s Base Rate.

From Riyadh to London, the journey travelled over continents, underscoring the international prowess and cross-cultural competence exhibited by Empire Global Finance. Through transparent and robust communication, we navigated the intricacies of a Sharia-compliant finance, aligning its services with the principles dear to the religion of the Saudi national client.

As our client, who wishes to remain anonymous expressed, “This loan arrangement has shown us a way to diversify our finances, giving our portfolio a touch of British luxury. The partnership with Empire Global Finance showcases how expertise and innovation come together in the field of HNW finance.”

The story we’re sharing here marks a point where traditional financial methods blend with global perspectives, connecting dots to create exceptional opportunities. This loan account serves as an example of our dedication to improving wealth through innovative financial solutions that go beyond borders.