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Lombard Lending

Our Lombard Lending expertise allows us to empower you and your business by providing financial solutions which aim to preserve your funds without the need to sell your investments. A Lombard loan is a form of finance, offered in the form of a fixed loan or an agreed overdraft. These are granted against a pledge of various liquid assets such as cash, bonds or investments which may include property and cars.

Furthermore, Lombard Lending can be particularly beneficial if you believe that your investments will appreciate in value over time. Using your portfolio as collateral, you can retain ownership and control of your investments. This is important if you want to maintain specific positions or allocations in your portfolio.

This type of loan also offers market timing flexibility which allows you to avoid making rushed decisions based on market conditions. Instead of selling assets during a market downturn, you can use a Lombard loan to maintain your positions until more favourable conditions arise.

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