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Securities Backed Lending

If you are seeking funds without having to liquidate your investments, Empire Global will help you secure loans using securities as collateral, through Securities-Backed Lending. Liquid securities, such as investment funds or bonds and equities, can be pledged as security in exchange for credit from lenders.

Securities-Backed Lending is typically fast, efficient, flexible and can be utilised to meet diverse investment needs. It is granted on an individual basis and thus, the interest rate will depend on your securities, your financial situation, and the overall risk of the transaction.

What We Offer

Unlisted Stock Loans

This type of lending refers to loans that are secured by shares of a privately held or unlisted company. These companies are not publicly traded on a stock exchange, so their shares are not available for trading on the open market.

If you have unlisted shares in a prosperous company, our team of experts can help facilitate your loan, using the shares as collateral, which provides you with the opportunity to secure funds without the need to sell your valued assets.

Unlisted stock loans are currently a niche part of the market, often proving difficulty in finding a lender that offers this type of loan. However, due to our strong connections with lenders who offer such financing, we can make it possible for you.

Single Stock Loans

Single stock loans can be used to create liquidity, purchase assets, buy properties and reinvest to explore new opportunities.

They are typically designed for individuals or entities that own a significant amount of a specific, publicly traded stock and need access to liquidity without selling their shares.

Single Stock Loans can be used in numerous situations, including but not limited to:

  • High Net Worth individuals who have substantial holdings in a specific stock may use single stock loans to unlock the value of their investments without disrupting their investment portfolio
  • Company executives or founders of publicly traded companies may hold a significant portion of their wealth in the form of company stock and thus, use single stock loans to access capital for personal or business purposes without selling their shares
  • Investors who accumulate a large portion of their wealth in a single stock, often due to factors like long-term holding or previous employment with the company, can use single stock loans to help diversify their holdings or provide liquidity for other investments

AUM Lending

AUM lending refers to a type of lending where the amount you can receive is determined based on your assets under management (AUM) with a financial institution. Lenders will typically offer more favourable terms to clients who can provide significant assets for the lender to manage over the term of a loan. AUM lending is typically used by high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and businesses that have a substantial amount of assets managed by a financial institution.

Our debt specialists at Empire Global can help secure your AUM loan, giving you the opportunity to access liquidity without being dependent on market conditions, keep your existing investment strategy intact or optimise your investment portfolio.