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Trading Business Finance

International trade can provoke some common challenges, such as, exporting businesses having to endure the long waits between the purchase of products from suppliers and receiving the buyer’s payment. To prevent the strain on the business’s cash flow and working capital and to ensure that your business succeeds at trading internationally, our specialists at Empire Global will source and arrange trade business finance.

Trade business finance can be used to purchase products needed for business operations, such as stock and raw materials and it helps manage cash flow, mitigate risks, and facilitate the movement of goods and services across borders.

There are various types of Trading Business Finance, including:

  • A Letter of Credit – a legally binding guarantee from banks to pay for the goods or services if they are delivered according to the agreed requirements
  • Export Credit Insurance – a policy that protects the exporter if they do not receive an international buyer’s payment
  • Bonds and Guarantees – whereby if your side of the contract is met, you can be issued an advance payment bond, performance bond or warranty bond

Empire Global will help you understand your different options and secure the best deal for your business’s financial situation. Talk to one of our experts in Trading Business Finance to help tackle any international trade challenges, boost your business’s cash flow and improve competitiveness