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Wet & Dry Lending

Empire’s Wet & Dry Lending Solutions

Empire Global Finance offers Wet & Dry Lending solutions tailored to the unique needs of High Net Worth (HNW) individuals seeking mortgage financing. Whether you prefer to place your assets under management with the lender (wet lending) or maintain control of your assets elsewhere (dry lending), we provide customised solutions to meet your financial objectives.

Understanding Wet & Dry Lending

Wet lending, also known as “asset-based lending,” involves placing assets such as stocks, shares, and cash with the lender to act as security against a high-value mortgage. In return for this security, private banks may offer higher income multipliers or loan-to-value ratios, providing enhanced financing options for HNW clients.

Dry lending, on the other hand, refers to mortgages offered without the requirement of placing assets under management with the lender. Instead, the overall wealth, income, and assets of an individual are considered when determining affordability and repayment details by the bank. Dry lending offers flexibility for clients who prefer to retain control of their assets while accessing mortgage financing.

Expert Guidance and Support

Navigating the complexities of wet and dry lending requires expert guidance and tailored solutions. Our team of specialists at Empire Global Finance possesses extensive experience in structuring lending arrangements for HNW individuals, ensuring that your unique financial needs are met with precision and expertise.

Whether you prefer wet or dry lending, we are committed to providing personalised advice and support throughout the lending process. Partner with Empire Global Finance to unlock the full potential of your mortgage financing options and achieve your financial goals with confidence.