Corporate & Business Finance

Cash Flow Finance

If your business is seeking funds and generates a significant amount of cash from sales but doesn’t have physical assets to use as collateral, then our experts in Cash Flow Finance can organise a competitive financial package for you.

Cash Flow Finance can be used to:

  • Cover the day-to-day operational expenses of the business
  • Purchase inventory
  • Cover expenses such as payroll, rent, utilities
  • Finance invoices
  • Acquire another company
  • Purchase or lease equipment (whereby the equipment itself can serve as collateral for the loan)
  • Fulfil purchase orders from customers
  • Fuel expansion

Cash Flow Financing is backed by the company’s expected cash flow. This type of loan is typically quick to obtain and once secured, you repay the loan and interest over a short time frame.

Empire Global can assist in securing cash flow finance to provide your business with immediate access to capital and help manage its day-to-day operations, whilst ensuring quick and hassle-free transactions tailored to your financial needs.