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High Value Residential Mortgages

Empire’s High Value Residential Mortgage Solutions

Unlock the door to your dream home with Empire Global Finance’s High Value Residential Mortgage Solutions. Tailored for properties valued at over £1 million, our bespoke mortgage packages offer unparalleled flexibility and competitive rates, curated specifically for sophisticated clients like yourself.

Understanding High Value Mortgages

High value mortgage rates vary across lenders, with high street banks typically offering rates similar to their standard packages but with different loan-to-value ratios and arrangement fees. Private Banks, on the other hand, provide bespoke pricing and terms, individually negotiated to suit your unique circumstances. Our team meticulously analyses your options to secure the best possible high value mortgage rate, ensuring that your financial objectives are met with precision.

Expertise and Experience

Empire Global Finance has a decade-long track record of providing expertly packaged financial solutions. With a team accustomed to handling complex personal situations and navigating unusual financial landscapes, we offer honest and well-considered advice tailored to your needs. Whether you’re seeking guidance on securing the perfect deal or navigating the intricacies of high value mortgage lending, we always have your best interests at heart.

Navigating the High Value Mortgage Market

Navigating the high value mortgage market can be challenging, especially when faced with rigid loan criteria from traditional lenders. Private Banks, renowned for their individualised approach to lending, offer tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements. Specialist lenders and challenger banks also present viable options, providing flexibility and competitive terms tailored to your financial needs.

Key Considerations

For mortgages below £5.0 million, high street lenders typically offer interest rates below 1.50%, provided income assessment is standard. Private Banks, on the other hand, may offer rates below 2% for clients with assets under management, rising to around 2.75% – 3.25% for non-standard income assessments. Deposit requirements vary, with high street lenders typically requiring a minimum deposit of 15% for mortgages up to £2.0 million, while Private Banks may offer higher loan-to-value ratios and require lower deposits, or even waive the need for a deposit altogether under certain conditions.

Partner with Empire Global Finance

Partner with Empire Global Finance to navigate the complexities of high value residential mortgages with confidence and clarity. With our expertise, dedication, and extensive network of lenders, we stand as your trusted partner in securing the perfect financing solution for your high value property investment. Unlock the door to your dream home today with Empire Global Finance.