Luxury Asset Finance

Flexible Luxury Asset Finance

It is often the case that many HNW/UHNW individuals wish to purchase high value, luxury assets for themselves or their business, but they may not have the immediate liquidity to do so and thus the purchase falls through. But perhaps, had they looked to Luxury Asset Finance, that outcome wouldn’t have happened.

Luxury Asset Finance allows for HNW/UHNW individuals to acquire Luxury Assets without having to pay the full cost upfront, providing a structured way to finance these Luxury acquisitions as well as preserving the clients liquidity and optimising the tax benefits. Instead of paying the full cost immediately, the cost is spread over a period of months/years.

What We Offer

Luxury Item Finance

Similarly to the above, you are able to obtain funding on Fine Art, Wine, Jewellery and many more Luxury Items. There are the options to release equity on these items or to use finance to purchase them. Empire Global Finance are able to help you explore your options when purchasing these items.

Boat, Yacht, Plane, Supercar Finance

A variety of Motor Vehicles can be obtained via Luxury Asset Finance. This list contains, but is not limited to, Boats, Planes, Yachts, Helicopters & Super Cars. Empire Global Finance are equipped to help you to acquire your dream Yacht or Car.

Crypto Finance

Much like with Stock Loans, some lenders will lend against the value of your Crypto Currency Portfolio. This is a highly specialised form of lending of which, Empire Global Finance are fortunate enough to be one of the few brokerages to have experience in this field.