Episode 5 – Growth in the Middle East, Company Restructure, Anniversary Event and MORE!

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Empire Unwrapped Episode 5: Unveiling New Ventures and Exciting Deals 

Welcome back to another captivating instalment of Empire Unwrapped! As we near the end of February, the energy and momentum within our team continue to soar. Join us as we delve into the latest developments and remarkable achievements shaping our journey in 2024. 

Expanding Partnerships and Network 

Our agenda today is brimming with thrilling updates, starting with our fruitful collaborations with prominent UK brokers. Led by our Managing Director, Matt Davies, and Head of Sports & Private Clients, Mark Rogers, our team has been actively engaged in expanding our network of lenders. These strategic endeavours underscore our relentless pursuit of growth and excellence at Empire. 

Maritime Ventures in Rotterdam 

Turning our attention to Rotterdam, we’re looking to finalise a significant deal involving the acquisition of a Cargo Ship with a double hull. Valued at 3.5 million pounds and currently docked in Papendrecht, Netherlands, this specialised vessel presents a unique financing challenge. However, our fantastic team of Debt Specialists is poised to overcome obstacles and secure the necessary funding for our client’s ambitious venture. 

Holiday Cottage Refinancing and Buy-to-Let Portfolios 

We’re delighted to highlight our recent involvement in the refinancing of seven Holiday Cottages in Devon, valued collectively at £1.1 million. Despite complexities stemming from our client’s residency in one of the cottages, our team navigated the transaction with finesse, ensuring a favourable outcome. Additionally, we’ve successfully facilitated the refinancing of six expansive Buy-to-Let portfolios, totalling approximately £36 million. Overcoming distribution challenges across multiple companies within the client’s portfolio underscores our resilience and commitment to delivering optimal results. 

Pioneering Opportunities in the Middle East 

In a testament to our global aspirations, our team recently convened with the CEO of a leading financial organisation in London, signalling potential opportunities in the Middle East. With our Dubai office serving as a strategic hub, we’re setting the foundations for meaningful partnerships, and we continue to support clients in accessing unconventional finance solutions within the region. 

Anticipating Milestones and Structural Adjustments 

As we celebrate Empire Global Finance’s upcoming 10th anniversary, we eagerly anticipate unveiling the location of our prestigious anniversary event. Moreover, we’re on the brink of announcing significant structural adjustments across departments and leadership positions, signalling a transformative phase in our company’s evolution. Stay tuned for our official announcement next week as we pave the way for future triumphs and growth. 

Subscription-based Newsletter and Social Media Engagement 

In addition to our milestone events, we’re thrilled to announce the debut of our revamped monthly Newsletter, “The Empire Recap,” in a convenient email-based subscription format. Join our Empire family as we share the latest news, announcements, and business insights, drawing you closer to our dynamic community. Don’t miss out on our upcoming announcements and exciting revelations, as February promises more thrilling developments on the horizon. 

Wrapping Up 

Thank you for joining us for another insightful edition of Empire Unwrapped! Wishing you a fantastic month ahead filled with prosperity and success. Until next time, take care and stay connected with Empire Global Finance.