Episode 1 – New Deals, Dubai Office and MORE!

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Introducing Empire Unwrapped: A Fresh Perspective on Deals and Company Ventures 

You may already be familiar with The Director’s Cut, a show formerly published under our previous name, Empire Commercial Finance. As we embark on a new chapter for our company, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Empire Unwrapped – a revamped version of our show that promises fresh insights and exciting updates. 

Focus on Deals and Business Triumphs 

In this iteration of the show, we’ll shine a spotlight on the fantastic deals our Empire staff have been diligently working on. Additionally, we’ll keep you updated on upcoming events and business trips, providing a glimpse into our dynamic ventures. 

Gratitude for the Rebrand Reception 

Firstly, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible feedback received following our rebrand event. The warm reception from fellow businesses, clients, and introducers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we deeply appreciate your support. 

Upcoming Ventures: Dubai Bound 

Empire sets its sights on Dubai once again, with our new Dubai office ready to welcome clients and partners. On the 29th of October, we’ll be touching down in Dubai, followed by our attendance at the Dubai PCD event on the 2nd of November. We very much look forward to connecting with you at the Park Hyatt hotel! 

Highlighting Recent Deals 

Let’s delve into some of the exciting deals we’ve had the pleasure of working on this week: 

A Luxury Yacht Purchase: This high-value investment comprises a Sunreef 80 Sailing Yacht, valued at 6.2 million euros. Offering unparalleled comfort and luxury, this asset not only serves as a wise financial endeavor but also provides our client with a sophisticated recreational outlet as they embark on their maritime ventures. 

A Player Transfer to the Saudi Pro League: The deal involves the creation of a bond with a private bank in Luxembourg. 

A Bridging Loan for a Cypriot Client in Dubai: Facilitating the completion of 16 residential units. 

Various property purchases and refinances, including commercial buildings, bars, clubs, and residential portfolios. 

Wrapping Up 

That concludes the debut episode of Empire Unwrapped. We hope you enjoyed the new format and insights into our latest ventures. From everyone here at Empire, we wish you a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing you in the next episode.