Nick Uzarewicz

Head of Marketing and Content

Nick Uzarewicz is an accomplished content creator with a strong videography background. After earning his Film Production degree in 2021, Nick excelled as a Video Editor and Producer at a Motorisation-Focused Social Media platform. His content garnered over 1 Million viewers and achieved a remarkable 98% Positivity Feedback Rating on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Transitioning from the Social-Media Supercar Scene, Nick launched his career as a Freelance Videographer under the moniker ‘Rowdy Saudi Productions’. His diverse project portfolio and invaluable experience gave him the confidence to take the next professional stride. Nick brings boundless passion and creative ingenuity to his role, making him the ideal choice to build Empire Global Finance’s Social Media presence from the ground up.

As the Head of Marketing and Content at the newly rebranded Empire Global Finance, Nick is committed to further establishing Empire’s corporate identity and elevating our public profile. His motivation stems from his family and humble beginnings and he views his hard work as a way to give back for the opportunities they have provided him to get to this point. Beyond his professional career, Nick enjoys hobbies such as hiking, boxing, and, of course, videography.